£1m Insect laboratory to Study Insect Bioconversion

Fera Science, a UK-based research organisation, has opened a £1 million laboratory at its York Bioscience Campus (YBC) to study insect bioconversion for use in animal feed.

The lab, dubbed the UK’s first of its kind, will expand Fera’s current insect services to “twin” insect bioconversion at factory production scale.

“Insect bioconversion presents one route to provide sustainably sourced protein into the food chain to help overcome this challenge. Under a circular economy, this technology can reduce the biomass waste through consumption and conversion into high quality protein for animal feed as well as other bi-products of high value to food production” said Andrew Swift, chief executive at Fera Science.

Fera will use the lap to advise clients on cost reduction and circular economy benefits of insect bioconversion, in line with net carbon-zero objectives and UN Sustainable Development Goals.


News Credits: Fera Sciences launches £1m insect laboratory


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