Beyond the Boat: Seafood Sector and Scottish Food Tourism

With a variety of seafood companies from all around the nation participating, the Seafood Scotland and VisitScotland mentorship program to encourage and develop fish tourism in Scotland has shown to be a success.

The webinar series, created as part of Seafood Scotland’s ‘Beyond the Boat‘ initiative, was made up of six weeks of educational seminars, with additional mentoring from experts in areas like finance and funding, compliance, tourism insights, digital marketing and events to help businesses diversify into tourism.

Seafood Scotland collaborated with VisitScotland on the project, with the national tourism organisation providing mentors and speakers, as well as contacts for already successful tourism businesses. 

The goal of each session was to provide guidance and expertise so that seafood enterprises may create memorable and authentic food tourism experiences that will entice people from the United Kingdom and around the world.


News Credits: Scottish food tourism mentoring programme inspires the seafood sector

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