UK: £15,000 Vouchers for Food Innovation Research

A voucher scheme offering food and beverage companies with 75 percent funding for projects up to £20,000 has been launched by Growing Kent & Medway.

The Business Innovation Vouchers will finance the creation of three new cutting-edge research centres in the Kent and Medway region. 

The initiative will make it easier for technology start-ups, small, medium-sized, and micro enterprises to get technical and other research assistance.

Plant-based food and drink businesses, as well as horticulture companies linked to the supply chain, could apply for up to £15,000 in assistance. Vouchers are available in the Kent and Medway region.

The vouchers may support scientific research on subjects ranging from crop production to food processing, packaging, and producing high-value chemicals from plants and agri-tech solutions.

These vouchers try to encourage people who may not have worked with a research organisation before to get in touch and find out how the technical teams  of Growing Kent & Medway can help grow their business through innovation. 

The vouchers can be used to work with the following research organisations:

The Business Innovation Vouchers are given on a competitive basis, with the most innovative proposals being funded. 

To apply, interested candidates/companies must complete an Expression of Interest form and discuss your business or project ideas with a support manager at Growing Kent & Medway. 

The deadline for funding applications is 3rd October 2022.


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