Assisi Pet Care Group Acquires Burns Pet Nutrition

In a surprising turn of events, Assisi Pet Care Group has announced the acquisition of Welsh pet food firm, Burns Pet Nutrition, for an undisclosed sum. 

The deal, based in Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, marks a significant milestone for both companies and promises to usher in a new era of pet care innovation and growth.

Burns Pet Nutrition’s Remarkable Legacy

For the past three decades, Burns Pet Nutrition has been a household name in the pet food industry, renowned for its high-quality dry and wet dog food products. More recently, the company expanded its offerings to include a range of products for cats, captivating the hearts of feline aficionados worldwide. 

What’s more, with products available in over 6,000 stockists and reaching as far as Hong Kong and Portugal, Burns Pet Nutrition has made a paw print across the globe.

Founder and visionary behind Burns Pet Nutrition, who has passionately steered the ship for the past 30 years, expressed their bittersweet sentiments regarding the acquisition. They expressed that it’s time for them to retire and hand over the reins, while reflecting on the journey that was at times challenging, yet deeply rewarding. 

Furthermore, they also extended their heartfelt thanks to the countless individuals and organisations that supported them along the way in their journey.

However, the founder’s parting message carried an unmistakable note of enthusiasm. They conveyed their satisfaction with the compatibility of Assisi Pet Care Group, confident that Assisi would nurture the Burns brand responsibly and ethically. The founder’s trust in the future of their life’s work was evident, setting a positive tone for this exciting transition.

Assisi’s Strategic Move

This acquisition marks a significant milestone for Assisi Pet Care Group, its first since being acquired by Wind Point Partners in October 2023. 

Wind Point Partners ushered in a new era with a value creation plan focused on accelerating organic growth through sales and marketing initiatives, optimising operations, and expanding the company’s product portfolio and geographic presence through strategic acquisitions.

The founder and Chief Executive of Assisi Pet Care expressed their delight at the merger, stating that they are thrilled to welcome the highly regarded Burns brand into their portfolio, along with the fantastic Burns Nutrition team. 

Furthermore,when continuing on and highlighting the alignment of values and priorities, they emphasised that animal health and well-being stand at the core of both brands. The addition of Burns’ expertise in product development, marketing, sales, finance, and operations further strengthens Assisi’s position in the market.

Excitingly, Assisi Pet Care Group eagerly anticipates collaborating with their new colleagues in Kidwelly, Wales, as they introduce the Burns brand into their portfolio and enhance their offerings to customers across Europe.

A Promising Future for Pet Lovers

In conclusion, the acquisition of Burns Pet Nutrition by Assisi Pet Care Group marks a turning point in the pet care industry. It symbolises a harmonious partnership between two entities committed to the well-being of animals.

Assisi Pet Care Group, backed by Wind Point Partners, brings substantial resources and expertise to the table, ensuring that the Burns brand continues to thrive and innovate. Moreover, pet lovers can expect even more exceptional products and services, all backed by the dedication and expertise of these two trailblazing brands.

As Burns’ legacy enters a new chapter, the future looks bright for all of the furry companions in the world. The union of these two industry giants promises to elevate the standard of pet care to new heights, ensuring that each and every beloved pet receives the love, care, and nutrition they deserve.

News Credits: Burns Pet Nutrition acquired by Assisi Pet Care

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