Blue Food Innovation Making It’s Comeback

The Summit is intending to place blue food, sustainable aquaculture and restorative ocean practices at the core of the worldwide discourse, with the food system becoming more and more vulnerable due to conflict and climate change.

On May 23rd and 24th, groundbreaking companies from all corners of the world will converge to have a cutting-edge dialogue around aquatic food production initiatives such as sustainable aquafeed, seaweed cultivation, fish health, welfare maintenance practices, and digital platforms that promote smallholder farmers. 

The event will be a great opportunity to dive into pressing topics, such as ocean climate change effects, marine conservation measures, and the potential of wild capture fisheries. Accompanying the summit, experts from various aquaculture areas have come together to organise symposiums that are centred around specific topics such as gene editing and seaweed farming.

In addition, Amy Novogratz, Managing Partner of Aqua-Spark; Jennifer Bushman, CMO at Kvarøy Arctic; Ohad Maiman, founder and former CEO of The Kingfish Company; Melanie Siggs from Global Seafood Alliance as Director of Strategic Engagements and Thor Talseth in the position Group CEO for Avramar are among the featured speakers at the event; they will uncover groundbreaking information regarding Ocean data on strategies to scale restorative and sustainable aquaculture, ways of aiding small scale farmers, a detailed study into restoration possibilities in aquatic health and welfare topics as well as recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), blue investment opportunities, sustainability through alternative aquafeeds methods, pushing innovations that are revolutionising the seafood industry worldwide, and unlocking inspired solutions for utilising Blue Carbon.

By highlighting disruptive technologies and researching innovative case studies, we can break down the barriers inhibiting growth while promoting greater collaboration to preserve and restore our precious ocean ecosystem.

The Blue Food Summit is designed to begin a new era of collaboration, investment in long-term strategies for sustainable seafood’s development and innovation. This event aims to revolutionise the future of our oceans and global system alike.

News credit: The Blue Food Innovation Summit is back!

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