Eco-Labelling for Food Products: Meatless Farm

Meatless Farm – the United Kingdom’s premier plant-based brand – has initiated eco-labelling on its most popular offerings. 

Carefully crafted and verified by Foundation Earth, the traffic-light labelling system seeks to inform consumers of the eco impact of their products with precision, allowing them to easily reduce their environmental footprint.

Meatless Farm is doing their part in the mission to spread awareness on how our eating habits affect the environment, contributing to greenhouse gases by introducing eco-labelling.

Through raising awareness around where consumers’ food comes from, Meatless Farm is encouraging shoppers to make informed and responsible choices when buying food. For example, if the UK replaced just one red meat meal with a plant-based option every week, it could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 8.4%. This is equivalent to taking 16 million cars off the roads!

Meatless Farm is pushing for environmental labelling, not just to motivate more companies to join the movement but also in order to persuade the UK Government toward a unified method of calculating food production’s ecological effect – an objective already specified by Henry Dimbleby in 2021 National Food Strategy and ardently endorsed by the Chief Scientific Adviser at FSA.

By harmonising the eco-labeling approach, food and drink companies could be incentivized to discover new ways of producing, manufacturing, transporting and packaging their products that are more environmentally friendly. This would lead to groundbreaking innovations in the industry! 

Through this process, consumer behaviour could be drastically changed and shoppers may begin to opt for sustainable options with lower carbon footprints. This shift in purchasing decisions can lead the UK closer towards achieving their Paris Agreement goals from 2016.

Beginning in January 2023, the Foundation Earth eco-label and score will be prominently displayed on Meatless Farm’s plant-based Mince, Chicken Breasts, Chipolatas Quarter Pound Burgers and Steaks. This rating is determined by a thorough examination of each product’s carbon emissions, water usage levels and impact on biodiversity.

News Credit: Meatless Farm Introduces Eco-Labelling To Its Core Product Range

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