British Charcuterie Leaders Forge a Tasty Union

In a landmark move designed to reshape the British charcuterie landscape, the esteemed smoked meat firms Rare & Pasture and Tempus Foods have announced plans to merge. 

This strategic consolidation aims to expand production capabilities and boost sales, signalling a new era for the United Kingdom’s artisan meat market.

Following the merger, the companies will maintain their individual brand identities but will integrate key operational aspects. Sales and distribution efforts will be centralised at Tempus’s headquarters, leveraging their established infrastructure for broader market reach. 

Meanwhile, production and packaging responsibilities will be shared between Tempus’s facility in Surrey and Rare & Pasture’s site at Fowlescombe Farm in South Devon, optimising both resources and expertise.

Tom Whitaker, Tempus Foods commercial director and BBC‘s MasterChef 2010 winner, articulated the previous challenges Tempus faced due to limited production capacity and restricted access to working capital. They expressed that this merger removes these critical bottlenecks, enabling them to scale operations more effectively and seize opportunities in the fast-growing UK charcuterie market. 

Furthermore, they reassured customers that the merger would enhance the production of well-loved products from both brands, with plans to also broaden their range into related cooked meat products.

Founded in 2017 by MasterChef finalists Tom Whitaker and Dhruv Baker, Tempus Foods specialises in a variety of premium salamis and whole muscle products, such as King Peter Ham and Smoked Coppa. On the other hand, Rare & Pasture brings a distinct sustainable approach to charcuterie, producing a wide array of meats at their environmentally focused farm in South Devon.

A significant goal of this merger is to harmonise the distribution of Rare & Pasture’s diverse charcuterie through Tempus’s robust sales channels, thereby enhancing accessibility and market presence. 

The chairman of Rare & Pasture elaborated on the vision for the combined entity, highlighting the fragmented nature of the British charcuterie and artisan meat market. They stated that this merger not only addresses the inefficiencies caused by market fragmentation – such as high operational costs and supply reliability issues – but also creates product and customer service synergies.

Additionally, they went on to express that the unification aims to accelerate the development of this evolving sector, providing a more stable and innovative market environment.

Both companies are excited about the prospects this merger brings. They anticipate not only broadening their geographic and product reach but also encouraging other artisan producers and farmers to contribute their unique products and skills to their expanding portfolio. 

What’s more, this approach aims to stimulate innovation and collaboration within the sector, enhancing the overall quality and sustainability of British charcuterie.

So to conclude, as Rare & Pasture and Tempus Foods embark on this collaborative journey, the British charcuterie industry is poised for significant transformation. 

By uniting their strengths, these pioneers are set to deliver an enriched, more diverse offering to the market, boosting the stature of British artisan meats both at home and internationally. 

Furthermore, this merger represents not just growth for the two companies but a beacon for the industry, signalling a future of enhanced diversity, quality, and sustainability in the world of gourmet meats.

News Credits: Rare & Pasture announces merger with Tempus Foods

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