Choosing the Right UKAS Partner for Weighing Equipment Calibrations

MWS UKAS calibrationWhen it comes to the calibration of your weighing equipment, the importance of selecting the right partner cannot be overstated. At Micro Weighing Solutions (MWS Ltd), we understand the critical role that UKAS calibration plays in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your equipment. In this blog, we will explore what to look for in a UKAS partner.

Dedicated Engineers: A Team with Decades of Collective Experience

At MWS, we take pride in our dedicated UKAS calibration teams located in both the northeast and midlands regions of the UK. These teams boast decades of collective experience in laboratory calibrations, ensuring the highest standards of precision and reliability for your equipment. With a staggering 50+ years of combined experience, our engineers are well-equipped to meet your UKAS calibration needs.

Experience: Expertise and Zero Non-Conformances

Gary Pook, our UK Service Manager, oversees all UKAS calibrations at MWS and has been involved in UKAS calibrations since 2001. Under his guidance, MWS has achieved an impressive track record of zero non-conformances during our last major UKAS audit. This achievement reflects our extensive experience within the industry and our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Training: Investing in the Next Generation of Engineers

We recognise that UKAS calibrations require a high level of precision and attention to detail. At MWS, we are dedicated to training the next generation of engineers and continually upskilling our existing team. Our training process includes replicating tests and onsite surveillance, and new engineers are closely monitored for several months by experienced engineers before progressing to more complex analytical calibrations. MWS never sends inexperienced engineers out on their own. This structured approach ensures that our team is well-prepared to deliver accurate results.

On-Going Monitoring: Maintaining Consistency and Compliance

To guarantee the correctness of our UKAS procedures, we conduct onsite surveillance checks and run replica tests on the same balance for all our engineers. Additionally, we collaborate with another calibration laboratory for annual replica testing, ensuring consistency across all our processes. Our meticulous approach to ongoing monitoring is reinforced by a dedicated UKAS compliance calendar, ensuring we not only remain compliant, but that we continue to receive minimal non-conformances.

Meticulous Attention to Detail: Secondary Auditing Process

Our Service Manager, Gary, plays a pivotal role in maintaining the highest standards. He audits every single UKAS calibration certificate, serving as a secondary check to confirm that our engineers adhere to the correct procedures. In an unusual but essential practice, Gary is the sole individual responsible for issuing UKAS certificates, guaranteeing that everything is done correctly. Gary’s second in command is Steven Bowles, who brings almost 20 years of experience in the weighing industry and who was recently promoted to a technical role to further strengthen the department.

Communication & Responsiveness: Open and Trusting Relationships

At MWS, our open communication and strong work ethic are the cornerstones of our success. We maintain constant communication with our UKAS engineers and foster an environment where concerns are openly discussed, and solutions are promptly found. Our transparent approach extends to our clients, building trust and ensuring that our team is always available to address any questions.

Audit-Ready Certificates: Efficiency and Accessibility

We produce all documentation in electronic PDF format, available through our online certificate portal. This enables clients to easily request or download their certificates, through their own personal log-in even in the event of misplacement.

Why MWS is the Right Choice for UKAS Calibrations

When it comes to UKAS calibrations for your weighing equipment, Micro Weighing Solutions stands out as the right choice. With a dedicated team of experienced engineers, meticulous attention to detail, ongoing monitoring, and a commitment to open communication, MWS ensures that your equipment’s accuracy and reliability are upheld to the highest standards.

Speak to MWS today for a free consultation to discuss your UKAS requirements and find out why we are trusted by some of the largest businesses and organisations in the UK.

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