UK Start Up Develops Marine Algae-based Packaging

A British start-up, created by two former students from France and Spain that makes biodegradable packaging out of marine plants, is expecting royal recognition this week when Prince William declares his latest Earthshot prizes.

The company Notpla, whose mantra is “we make packaging disappear” is up against 14 other businesses for five awards. These awards will be given out by the prince and a star-studded cast at a ceremony taking place in Boston on Friday.

The initiative to combat climate change by rewarding innovative efforts will be broadcast on UK and US television Sunday and Monday, respectively, as well as online.

The five winners will each receive a grant of £1 million ($1.2 million).

The co-creator of Notpla, which produces packaging made from seaweed and other marine plants that degrade naturally, says they have already benefited from the competition.

Pierre Paslier and Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, started their eco-friendly business small by baking in a London kitchen. Their goal was to find a petrochemical-free alternative to standard packaging, so they tried materials like tapioca seeds and other starches.

An edible bubble membrane, made from seaweed, was discovered that can hold water, sports drinks, cocktails and sauces. It is marketed as an eco-friendly replacement for single-use plastic cups, bottles and sachets.

News Credits : UK start-up behind algae-based packaging bids for Earthshot glory

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