Nature Must be in Centre of Food Production: Natural England

Tony Juniper, chair of Natural England, warns farmers that they risk an ‘existential threat’ to UK food supplies if they don’t put nature into the centre of food production.

Mr Juniper celebrated the environmental work that farmers are already doing while warning them that agriculture’s future depends on access to water, healthy soils, and pollinating insects.

Mr Juniper spoke about the importance of food production and nature working together at Natural England’s Farming for Food and Nature Conference in Birmingham. Mr Juniper emphasised the importance of protecting nature alongside developing food production and outlined the need for immediate steps to be taken in regards to recovering nature.

Mr Juniper also pointed out how crucial it is for the government to go through with the Environmental Land Management scheme (ELM) where farmers get paid for improving conditions of their land. He said that the new policy after Brexit offers farmers a chance to improve their “country-wide transformation”.

In addition, the Natural England chair showed how farmers are willing to provide both sustainable food production and environmental protection.

News Credits: Abandoning nature ‘threatens’ UK food security, Natural England to warn

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