UK Food Industry Unites to Ensure Deforestation Free Soy

In order to protect deforestation, nearly 40 UK food companies and soy supply companies have decided to work together. This way, they can ensure that all of the soy used in animal feed in the UK is sourced responsibly.

This move comes on the first anniversary of the UK Soy Manifesto and will help protect some of the world’s most valuable forests and natural habitats.

UK Soy Manifesto signatories include 38 brands, retailers, food service companies and livestock producers operating in the UK such as Tesco, Waitrose, Nando’s, KFC UK and Ireland, Lidl and McDonald’s UK and Ireland. These companies have pledged to only source soy that is certified sustainable by 2024.

The 38 food producers and the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC), representing the four major importers of soy and the animal feed industry, have set out a series of comprehensive actions to deliver on the aims of the UK Soy Manifesto. This is an ambitious commitment which aims to move all the UK’s soy imports away from products that contribute to deforestation and conversion.

Last year, at COP26 in Glasgow, many countries and companies made strong commitments. With the Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration on Forests and Land Use, as well as the Forest, Agriculture, and Commodity Trade Dialogue (FACT) Joint Statement and Roadmap for Action, producer countries’ governments have pledged to uphold sustainable development and trade while also conserving forests and other natural habitats. 

Developing the UK Soy Manifesto and making this announcement are key steps that will help to achieve these ambitious goals while staying on track for a 1.5-degree pathway.

News Credits: UK food industry unites to ensure all soy is deforestation and conversion free in landmark agreement

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