UK Food Companies to Collaborate on Plant-based Research

The Novo Nordisk Foundation‘s Plant2food platform is inviting UK food companies to collaborate on plant and food science, with the goal of sharing new knowledge.

Plant2Food is an Open Innovation in Science platform focused on investigating novel ways to solve complex challenges without research patents. Universities and companies work together on this venture.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation is funding €27m over the next five years to support the platform.

The move is in response to the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s discovery that a large quantity of food production must be converted to plant-based foods. This will allow us to make better use of agricultural land, as well as feed a growing world population.

The new collaboration platform, Plant2Food, has been launched to help researchers and companies solve some of the complex issues surrounding developing plant-based foods. 

Open collaboration is at the heart of the platform, which means that everyone can benefit from the knowledge generated through it. The goal is to quicken the creation of new plant-based foods and to improve communication between different areas within food science that use plants.

All universities and companies that join the platform agree to publish any and all results from open research projects, as well as waive their right to intellectual property claims.

With this new system, companies and research groups will be able to develop project ideas together and start projects immediately upon agreeing to explore an idea. The open approach not only gives everyone the opportunity to further develop the results, but also potentially use them for commercial purposes.

In addition to developing practical knowledge about crops, Plant2Food will also focus on understanding the science behind how they are used in food products.

News Credits: Food companies invited to collaborate on plant-based research

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