Mighty Fine Re-brands and Adds Two New Honeycomb Flavours

The well-known gourmet sweet brand, Mighty Fine, is famous for its mouthwatering honeycomb snacks. Recently, Mighty Fine has added two new and exciting flavours to their brand portfolio, following their acquisition by The Serious Sweet Company.

The brand has introduced their two new products, known as the Blonde Honeycomb and Sicilian Lemon White Chocolate, both of which are said to be impressive. Mighty Fine customers have stated that they are eagerly anticipating the new flavours and getting ready to purchase them, after the announcement created an air of excitement.

A Deeper Look at The New Flavours

The company’s range of products has been enhanced by the addition of the Blonde Honeycomb. The honeycomb is light and crispy and covered in blonde chocolate, which provides a subtle, buttery taste that will sweeten and delight the taste buds.

The sweet and creamy flavour of this honeycomb treat makes it the perfect indulgence. It is made with the finest blossom honey, that just so happens to also be suitable for vegetarians, so no one misses out.

The Sicilian Lemon White Chocolate Honeycomb flavour is said to pack quite a punch. The lovable combination of the signature honeycomb’s crunch, mixed with the tart, lemon flavour in the zesty white chocolate coating will leave the taste buds with an experience that won’t be easy to resist!

What Are Their Products Made From?

Mighty Fine’s Blonde Honeycomb and Sicilian Lemon White Chocolate are made exclusively from natural ingredients that have been carefully chosen, just like all of their other products. The products are completely free from additives, colorings, GMOs, and palm oil.

The brand aims to uphold its reputation of producing sweet treats that are natural, tasty, and of excellent quality. All of their treats are still handmade in the United Kingdom with the same care and attention as when the business first began a decade ago, using only sustainably sourced chocolate.

Where Will The Treats Be Available?

Starting at £1.35, the new honeycomb flavours will be available for purchase through the Mighty Fine website, with the release in supermarkets anticipated to follow towards the end of the year, 2023.

The brand continues to offer high-quality products at affordable prices for their customers, which is a reflection of their commitment to loyalty and excellence.

About the New Rebrand and Goals

With Mighty Fine having launched two new honeycomb flavours, it indicates the brand’s continuous effort towards innovation and creation. Serious Sweets has guided Mighty Fine in a complete rebranding process that accompanies their updated product range, bringing the brand in line with the company’s other candy products, such as Mallow & Marsh, Mr Stanley’s, and Ultimate English.

Under this re-brand, they have worked hard to launch two new flavours that they think will be enjoyable for everyone! The company has also successfully developed new and improved packaging, which is helping them move towards their goal of being 100% recyclable by the end of 2023. This achievement will be great for both the company and the environment.

To sum up, Mighty Fine remains committed to making tasty honeycomb snacks for everyone. Their products stand out from other brands due to their use of natural and sustainably sourced ingredients, all while managing to maintain affordability as well.

Mighty Fine has not only updated their packaging but also undergone a rebrand under Serious Sweets. They have a worthy goal of achieving 100% recyclability by the end of 2023, showing that Mighty Fine will continue to focus on creating delicious treats that all can enjoy, while also striving and becoming more environmentally conscious.

News Credits: Mighty Fine Confectionery rebrands and launches two new flavours

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