Ocean Fish Group Secures Impressive Eight-figure Funding Package

Ocean Fish Group, based in Cornwall, has secured a generous eight-figure financing package to support its growth by expanding their staff and modernising their vessels. Thanks to the agreement with HSBC, this independent importer and exporter anticipates that their total revenue will soar from £50 million, up to £70 million in just three to five years.

As a pacesetter in the South West markets, Ocean Fish Group is now the leading fish buyer – processing more than thirty varieties of fish and molluscs. Utilising a fully integrated supply chain approach, they own vessels, manage markets and operate fish processing factories. Through the bank’s generous funding, this business will be able to rapidly expand its reach in both UK and European wholesale and retail sectors.

This promising collaboration with HSBC will guarantee to provide 50 full-time employment opportunities for Cornwall residents keen on finding work. Furthermore, this agreement will include the modernisation of Ocean Fish Group’s fleet of vessels.

Enhancing this established fleet will further provide them with access to distant fishing grounds, allowing them to tap into new markets and gain more customers. This upgrade will also open up job opportunities for veteran fishermen!

A representative of Ocean Fish Group stated that this deal marks an exciting time for the business as they continue their journey from being a small family business into one that is able to reach wider markets, due to now having access to a larger capital investment.

It was also expressed that the company is delighted to have been supported by HSBC throughout this process, which has enabled them to secure this funding package and provide long term security for not only Ocean Group staff, but also their customers alike!

This exorbitant funding will assist Ocean Fish Group in amplifying their endeavours of broadening employment opportunities and renewing their fleet of vessels. This is an exhilarating moment for the company, granting them access to new target markets with larger capital investments so they can better serve existing customers and create jobs within their local Cornwall community.

Boasting both immediate and long-term rewards, this alliance with HSBC offers immense chances for the company as well as those who choose to join its team.

News Credits: Cornwall’s Ocean Fish secures eight-figure funding package

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