Hershey Prepares to Launch New Plant-Based Chocolate Bars

The prevalence of plant-based diets has been rapidly growing in the past few years, with chocolate being no exception. Last summer, Hershey intimated that it could be taking greater strides in the production of vegan and plant-based sweets. 

The business submitted an application for a patent on their original approach of utilising roasted grain flour, generated from rice, wheat, oats, corn, sorghum or millet as a dairy-free solution to milk chocolate. 

Is this the start of something great? Well absolutely! Plant-based chocolate has become increasingly popular and many companies are already producing it. Hershey is now entering the game, getting in on the action too. The potential of a plant-based substitute to traditional milk chocolate is enormous as people look for healthier and more sustainable options. 

The Hershey Company has shifted its focus in the past few years to innovating their core brands, and this new campaign could be a testament to how much they are investing in staying ahead of rivalries within the plant-based food market. Having acknowledged the potential of plant-based chocolate, Hershey is actively in pursuit to establish a launch date. As of now, there are no available details yet; however, it’s evident that this market presents an opportunity for them to make their mark.

While many may fear that introducing plant-based alternatives will reduce sales of dairy products, Hershey has been quick to point out that this new consumer segment consists of those who have avoided eating dairy due to dietary restrictions or lifestyle choices, such as veganism and vegetarianism. Thus, these new alternative options are designed not only for existing customers but also for the vast population of people with varied lifestyles and preferences.

By leveraging its powerful brand equity, Hershey can easily add to the success of their plant-based Reese’s and Hershey’s products by giving them instant recognition in the market. Rather than competing against its existing products, Hershey’s can explore new opportunities by providing consumers with these complementary items. This will not only boost the company’s consumer base but also provide traditional customers with their favourite treats.

Furthermore, despite the potential risks and difficulties that this move presents, Hershey is joining the select group of significant confectioners that are producing plant-based chocolate products. The issue they found though is that most customers are accustomed to knowing exactly what a brand should taste, look and feel like; failing to replicate the quality consumers know and love in these brands could do serious damage not only to their plant-based offerings, but also the brand’s esteem. 

So to create a plant-based chocolate that truly recreates the creamy flavour and delightful texture of classic milk chocolate has been quite the challenge for Hershey, just as it is for other vegan substitutes such as meat and dairy products. 

However, through extensive experimentation with ingredients and processes, they have managed to make a product comparable in taste and experience to its traditional counterpart! 

So to summarise, it appears that Hershey is tapping into the ever-growing consumer demand for healthier and more sustainable food options by introducing vegan chocolates. This could be an opportune move for them to ensure their future prosperity and potentially increase sales in all of their product lines!

News Credits: Hershey debuts plant-based Reese’s and chocolate bar

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