Cabosse Naturals Aims to Reduce Food Waste by Upcycling Cacaofruit

Have you ever asked yourself why such a huge amount of food that’s produced globally is discarded? Astonishingly, 30% of the world’s food supply is discarded each year, including 50% of all fruit and vegetables as well as a shocking 70% of cacao fruits.

In order to assist in lowering the amount of food waste, Cabosse Naturals ,a brand from Barry Callebaut, has engineered a solution that reuses cacao fruit into all-natural and entirely pure ingredients for producing edibles. Through this initiative, they aspire to construct more durable supply chains that will last for years to come.

What is Upcycling?

Upcycling gives new life to discarded items by transforming them into something valuable or useful. As opposed to recycling, upcycling seeks to construct new products from existing materials instead of merely breaking them down. 

Rather than simply tossing the byproducts of the cacao fruit, Cabosse Naturals makes use of them to craft high-quality ingredients like juice, pulp, powder and concentrates that are all natural and 100% pure. These valuable elements can then be incorporated into various food products.

About the Cacao Fruit

Cacao Fruit grows best in tropical regions close to the Equator, where ideal conditions exist for its cultivation. When a cacao fruit has fully ripened, it is gathered and plucked from the tree with care before being washed, opened up, and its seeds are extracted from the fleshy pulp. After the pulp is pressed to extract its juice, it’s filtered and pasteurised delicately in order to preserve the natural essence of the fruit.

The pressed juice provides a burst of zesty fruitiness, with its light yellow hue granting an exotic flavour, when added to any beverage, all while naturally supplying the body with essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium and antioxidants. Finally, this concentrated cacao juice goes through a reduction process for achieving cacao fruit concentrate. Resplendent in its golden brown hue and emanating a fruity honey scent, it’s 100% pure and free of any sweeteners, additives or preservatives.

How has Cabosse Naturals Mastered The Cacaofruit?

Handling the Cacao Fruit with care is crucial to maintain its flavour and wholesomeness, just as it is when dealing with other fruits. Producing this product in mass quantities is a massive undertaking, yet Cabosse Naturals has successfully conquered it due to their unique understanding of the harvesting and processing process, as well as their innovative value chain system. 

To ensure that the fruit’s flavour and nutrients remain intact, Cabosse has devised a system of working within just four hours from harvesting to transforming the cacao fruit into its final range of natural ingredients. This quick-pace process allows them to preserve all 100% of the goodness in every ingredient they provide! 

Their secret to success lies in their unparalleled ability to consistently and efficiently produce a superior selection of cacao fruit ingredients that meet the highest standards.

The Benefits of Upcycling Cacao Fruit

Reimagining cacao fruit into something new can have powerful, beneficial effects on the finite natural resources. Not only does it cut down on food waste, but also the requirement for energy and resources to produce new materials. It even has the potential to create jobs in regions where cacao fruit is cultivated, principally in impoverished countries.

By fully utilising harvested cacao fruit, it would be possible to reduce the same amount of Carbon Dioxide as planting 3.5 billion trees per year – a feat that highlights the potential for this superfood in mitigating climate change

What’s more, upcycled items tend to be cheaper than other products manufactured using traditional methods, thus making them accessible for a broader range of people across the globe.

By leveraging upcycling practices in its supply chain, Cabosse Naturals is driving a sustainable future. By transforming unused components of cacao fruits into quality ingredients for food production, they are actively working to reduce global food waste while keeping their promise to incorporate 100% sustainable ingredients in all products by 2025. This is a part of Forever Chocolate strategy – an ambitious yet meaningful commitment!

By affording people the opportunity to enjoy delicious yet economical meals, this initiative is working towards a brighter future for everyone and reducing the collective carbon footprint on Earth. Everyone should be highly praising Cabosse Naturals for their dedication to sustainability and anticipation is in the air as all look ahead, eager to see what they can accomplish next!

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