MYCO Holdings Sets the Stage for Sustainable Food Manufacturing

A revolutionary plan promising to reshape the future of food manufacturing in the UK comes from MYCO Holdings, a North East-based plant-based food manufacturer, is set to create almost 70 jobs as it transforms a former food manufacturing plant in Leeming Bar into a cutting-edge vertically farmed production unit.

This ambitious project marks a significant milestone in the growing plant-based food industry, as the company positions itself to cater to an expected surge in demand for plant-based meat substitutes.

The 20,000 sq ft purpose-built site, the first of its kind in the United Kingdom, is poised to unlock MYCO’s extraordinary potential, according to its co-founder and chairman. They emphasised the uniqueness of this venture, combining the cultivation of raw materials and the manufacturing of finished products under one roof. 

What’s more, it is believed that this holistic approach is poised to set new standards for sustainability in the food industry, paving the way for more eco-friendly practices in the future.

To meet the expected surge in demand, the initial staff of six will expand to approximately 75 over the coming months, creating job opportunities in various roles, including cultivation, production, quality control, and distribution.

MYCO’s new CEO envisions this unit as the linchpin for the company’s future growth and diversification. Contrary to popular misconceptions, MYCO’s goal is not to convert the world into vegans but to encourage meat-eaters to adopt more sustainable plant-based products. 

What’s more, they believe that their secret recipe lies in creating delectable alternatives that mimic the taste and texture of traditional meat, all while using easily recognisable kitchen cupboard ingredients.

This innovative production unit not only furthers MYCO’s mission but also offers customers a unique opportunity to choose genuinely sustainable, vertically farmed products, a first in the UK. 

The company hopes that its sustainable approach will inspire other food producers to follow suit, all driven by a shared commitment to preserving the planet. In the grand scheme of things, MYCO aims to contribute to the greater cause of ensuring the planet’s survival by pioneering eco-conscious practices in the food industry.

In conclusion, MYCO Holdings’ transformation of the Leeming Bar plant into a vertically farmed production unit represents a watershed moment in the evolution of sustainable food manufacturing in the UK. 

With nearly 70 new jobs on the horizon, MYCO is poised to spearhead a new era of eco-friendly, plant-based food production, offering enticing alternatives that make the transition from meat to plant-based substitutes easier than ever. 

What’s more, their dedication to sustainability and their pioneering spirit set a remarkable example for the industry, as they strive to play a vital role in securing the planet’s future. As MYCO embarks on this exciting journey, they invite the world to join them in this delicious revolution, one plant-based bite at a time.

News Credits: Jobs on the menu as plant-based firm opens ‘UK first’ site

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