Calbee UK Boosts Production with Fabcon Food Systems Partnership

A strategic plan is underway that will bolster snack production capabilities. Calbee UK has announced a significant investment at its Deeside plant, enhancing its capacity to create everyone’s favourite crispy snacks. 

The project, which represents a substantial commitment to innovation, has seen Calbee install state-of-the-art frying, seasoning, and distribution machinery at the facility, one of its two manufacturing plants in the UK.

The new machinery, designed, built, and installed by Fabcon Food Systems, a distinguished food processing machinery specialist based in Norwich, includes an advanced indirect heating system. This system brings a cutting-edge touch to Calbee’s snack production, ensuring precise and consistent results.

The crown jewel of this investment is the newly integrated production line, a marvel of engineering that can craft fried snacks from both pellets and extruded products. What sets this line apart is its seamless integration into an existing seasoning and distribution system, which has been significantly expanded to accommodate the new machinery. 

Furthermore, the expansion also includes the addition of horizontal motion and electromagnetic vibratory conveyors, optimising the snack-making process for greater efficiency.

This partnership between Calbee UK and Fabcon Food Systems is far from new; it’s rooted in a history of successful collaborations. Notably, they joined forces on a previous project to expand Calbee’s plant in Bradford, where the beloved Seabrooks Crisps brand is produced. 

The Managing Director of Calbee UK expressed immense gratitude for Fabcon Food Systems’ unwavering support, describing them as a valued partner. Their collaborative approach, working in consultation with onsite teams, has consistently yielded optimal outcomes, setting the stage for further success in the future.

Fabcon Food Systems, founded in 2015, has steadily grown its footprint and now serves customers across the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and Africa. The Managing Director of Fabcon Food Systems reciprocated the sentiment, emphasising the strength of their partnership with Calbee Group. 

They were elated with the results achieved at the Deeside plant, highlighting that the new equipment grants Calbee much-needed flexibility while maintaining their hallmark high-quality snacks. The future, they believe, holds even greater promise, with more collaboration on the horizon.

In conclusion, Calbee UK’s recent investment in its Deeside plant, supported by Fabcon Food Systems, marks a significant step forward in snack production capabilities. The synergy between these two industry leaders not only enhances efficiency but also promises to maintain the top-notch quality Calbee snacks are known for. 

As they look forward to future expansion projects, this partnership is sure to continue reshaping the snack industry for the better, with a commitment to excellence and innovation at its core.

News Credits: Calbee UK invests in new equipment at Welsh plant

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