Sweetdreams Confectionery Acquired by SugaRich

In the midst of a bold move that promises to reshape the confectionery landscape, Sweetdreams, a renowned confectionery manufacturer, has been acquired by food surplus re-processor SugaRich for an undisclosed sum.

The acquisition, which took place in Cramlington, Northumberland, holds the potential to revolutionise the confectionery industry by reducing food waste and expanding sustainable production.

SugaRich, a pioneer in the repurposing of surplus food-grade confectionery, sees the acquisition of Sweetdreams as a golden opportunity to diversify its product offerings and steer away from solely producing animal feed. 

What’s more, this union marries Sweetdreams’ wealth of experience in reusing surplus confectionery with SugaRich’s drive towards a sustainable future.

Founded in 1980, Sweetdreams has earned its reputation as an innovative and sustainable confectionery manufacturer. The company has a long-standing history of transforming surplus food-grade confectionery into delightful products. Its signature creation, ‘Choc Nibbles,’ has garnered a loyal fan base and is considered a hidden gem in the confectionery world.

According to SugaRich, the fusion of Sweetdreams’ well-established customer base and technical expertise presents the perfect recipe for large-scale production of a highly sought-after, sustainably manufactured confectionery product. 

Furthermore, the managing director of SugaRich, in a statement, emphasised that the collaboration with Sweetdreams marks a pivotal step in their evolution expressing that it was a strategic decision for them to combine their skills and attributes, not only to strengthen their market position in the food sector, but also to harness the immense potential of Sweetdreams’ innovative offerings.

Moreover, Sweetdreams’ commitment to reusing surplus food aligns seamlessly with SugaRich’s established practice and ethos. This positions them to empower their numerous suppliers to convert their offcuts and surplus into high-quality, affordable, and sustainable confectionery products. 

Impressively, SugaRich plans to follow this acquisition with further collaborations geared towards eliminating food waste, even developing systems in line with evolving surplus food market trends.

Sweetdreams’ managing director shared their excitement about becoming a part of the SugaRich family by stating that this merger allows them to unleash the full potential of their product range and offer their suppliers a unique and innovative solution to reduce surplus food waste. What’s more, they are also anticipating a substantial increase in commercial returns.

Additionally, SugaRich and its dedicated teams have acknowledged the remarkable achievements of Sweetdreams as an independent confectionery manufacturer. The acquisition promises to provide the necessary financial and operational support to make ‘Choc Nibbles’ the number one, value chocolate confectionery range in the United Kingdom and beyond.

In conclusion, the acquisition of Sweetdreams by SugaRich marks a significant turning point in the confectionery industry. It paves the way for innovative solutions to food waste, sustainable confectionery production, and a brighter, more prosperous future for both companies. 

Together, they are poised to become leaders in creating irresistible, sustainable confectionery, reshaping the way that everyone can enjoy their favourite treats while contributing to a more sustainable world

And finally, it should be noted that this acquisition not only benefits both companies but also represents a beacon of hope for a more sustainable and delicious future.

News Credits: Sweetdreams acquired by food surplus re-processor SugaRich

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