New Farm Machinery at Royal Welsh Show

The Royal Welsh Show is the pinnacle event in the British agricultural calendar with four-days of competitions, entertainment and attractions. The show showcases the cream of Welsh livestock and the high quality food and drink produced in Wales and encompasses the wider spectrum of farming and rural life. The event was held from 18th to 21st of July.

This year, farmers at the Royal Welsh Show were presented with new ideas and options to help mechanise farm operations.  

Here are some highlights:

  1. Avenger Tractors 

Built by Preet Tractors, four-wheel-drive Avenger 20 and 26, with model numbers matching horsepower were launched at the 2022 Royal Welsh Show . Both are powered by three-cylinder Mitsubishi engines, with the Avenger 26 also available with a four-cylinder VST diesel based on a Mitsubishi design.  Rear linkage with top link draft control is rated at 1,000kg and there is a dedicated steering pump and oil supply.

2. Mixer-Feeder 

For preparing and dispensing small batches of silage-based rations, young engineer Stephen Davies’ new machinery would be handy for dairy units wanting to put a fully mixed ration in front of youngstock without resorting to the farm’s full-size mixer. It is also useful for a lot of sheep farmers who are feeding rations without the need for a diet feeder to manage silage intake.

3. Extra Load Security for Transportation of Farm Goods

With the focus on safe and secure transportation of bales, potato boxes, bulk fertiliser, seed bags, etc on public roads, AW Trailers exhibited its mechanical load securing solution. The Ultima bale trailer secures the cargo in a way that is both more secure and quicker to deploy than using many ratchet straps. There is significant time savings, especially on longer trailers, when compared to utilising numerous ratchet straps.

4. Width-Adjustable Cattle Race 

A width-adjustable race has been developed by livestock handling equipment supplier LM Bateman to prevent smaller individuals from turning and creating mayhem when cattle are being driven through a crush.

5. Automatic Sheep Drafter

The device has two overhead optical sensors. When an animal enters the squeeze clamp, a side sensor detects the sheep; the first activates closing the gate from the pre-catch area, and the second activates the adjustable squeeze clamp.

News Credits: New farm machinery launched at 2022 Royal Welsh Show

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