New Potato Plant Leads to Walkers Snack Foods Expansion

Walkers Snack Foods has happily agreed to acquire a 6.4-acre land near Thurcaston Road in Leicester for the construction of a potato washing plant, which was recently announced publicly. A £3.5m investment in food manufacturing has the potential to generate a minimum of 40 jobs, and provide an abundance of new opportunities for local businesses.

Walkers Snack Foods is a renowned snack company in the UK and their current expansion project will only add to their already impressive services. Subject to obtaining the necessary planning permission, a new potato washing plant is due to be erected close by to the main Leicester factory. By accessing high-grade potatoes and other ingredients, businesses in the food manufacturing industry are given a bevy of brand new chances to create snacks and products. This could greatly revolutionise their product offerings!

If all legal agreements and city council permissions are given the go-ahead, construction of the new building is expected to commence this summer. Local authorities are already thrilled with the thought of adding value and job opportunities to their respective communities, thus generating positive responses. It is anticipated that the sale will significantly improve Leicester’s economy as well as bring immense prosperity to its neighbouring towns. Now the only thing left to do is observe and embrace whatever comes along next!

News Credit: Walkers buys land for new potato washing plant

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