Tate & Lyle Transformed as New Brand is Launched

Tate & Lyle PLC has made a remarkable leap forward with the launch of their new brand, positioning themselves as a global leader in healthier food and beverage ingredient solutions. This rebranding serves as a monumental event in the evolution of their business, transforming it into a purpose-oriented and growth-centric specialty food and beverage solutions provider. At the core of their brand lies the company’s latest narrative, “Science\ Solutions \ Society”, which is a guarantee to both customers and stakeholders that they will remain true to their goal.

Drawing on the legacy of Henry Tate who opened his sugar refinery in London, England more than 150 years ago, the new brand is a celebration of this extraordinary company’s storied past. Fuelled by his passion for innovation, he drove the business to make incredible advances such as cube sugar and liquid sweeteners. These contributed significantly in revolutionising food production. Carrying on that legacy, today they strive to make the world healthier by using sustainably sourced ingredients in their food and beverage products worldwide. By embracing the power of science and nutrition, this company has made a conscious effort to improve lives through their new narrative.

With its re-branding, Tate & Lyle has unveiled a new visual identity that captures the essence of nature and conveys their contemporary approach to using natural ingredients. By revamping their logo, they have amalgamated components of the past with a modern twist. The hands artfully displaying natural ingredients depict this brand’s roots while simultaneously representing its future as an authority in specialty food solutions. To make their website more user-friendly and attractive to customers, they have recently redesigned it in a way that allows visitors to quickly access information about products and services.

Tate & Lyle has embarked on an exciting brand transformation that demonstrates their dedication to creating cutting-edge food solutions with a focus on health and sustainability. Taking advantage of a new visual identity, simplified logo design, and improved website features, Tate & Lyle are now able to reach out to more health-minded customers around the world in need of quality ingredients for their food and beverage items. It is a thrilling moment for Tate & Lyle as they keep moving forward on their journey of transformation to becoming the top provider in specialty food solutions!

News Credits: Tate & Lyle rebrands

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