Tesco to Use Coastal Plastics in Its Fresh Fish Packaging

Environmentalists everywhere are commending Tesco‘s recent decision to use recycled plastic, collected from the beaches and coastlines of the Mediterranean Sea, in their fresh fish packaging. This move is sure to be met with widespread approval due its positive impact on our planet.

Commencing next week, many of the supermarket’s fresh Salmon, Haddock, Cod and Sea Bass lines will be available in tray packaging made up of 30% recycled plastic collected from our local coastlines. This move is anticipated to drastically lower the environmental impact by removing around 500 metric tonnes of plastic annually and decreasing our requirement for ‘virgin plastic’ in packaging.

Tesco is devoted to continuing the pursuit of reducing its environmental footprint, and this initiative serves as another step in that direction. Striving to be carbon neutral by 2035 and eliminating single-use plastic packaging from its own-brand products in 2025, this company is well on their way to becoming a more sustainable organisation. Tesco is paving the way for a more eco-friendly future by upcycling plastic waste into their packaging for fresh fish products. Together, we are creating a greener ocean and protecting our environment!

By utilising recycled coastal plastics, Tesco can serve as a prime example to other food production corporations that are looking for ways to diminish their ecological footprint. With 8 million tonnes of plastic polluting our oceans annually, it has become a necessity for businesses to cut back on single-use plastics and switch to more sustainable options whenever feasible.

Tesco demonstrates their dedication to becoming carbon neutral by 2035 with the use of recycled coastal plastic in their fresh fish packaging, showing that they take this promise seriously. This initiative emphasises the vital role businesses can have in safeguarding our oceans and diminishing single-use plastic wastage. Let us all take part in this movement to ensure a brighter future for generations to come! This initiative sets a powerful precedent for other food production businesses that are looking to lessen their ecological footprint and make more responsible decisions about the materials used for packaging.

News Credits: Tesco to use discarded plastic from coastal areas in fresh fish packaging

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