Oddlygood’s Oddly Good Expansion to Asda Shelves

In a burgeoning plant-based market where innovation is key, Oddlygood, born from the innovative minds at Valio, has made significant strides in its expansion efforts. 

The Finnish brand, established in 2018, has now secured a notable space on the shelves of Asda in the UK, marking a pivotal moment in its journey toward global recognition.

Since its inception, Oddlygood has captured the palates of consumers across European markets, with particular success noted in Sweden where its Barista Oat Drink has rivalled even the most established competitors. 

What’s more, underpinning this success is the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation, evident in its steady 40% year-on-year growth on a global scale.

Building on its momentum, Oddlygood entered the UK market last June, initially securing listings in Tesco and Morrisons with its Dreamy Desserts range. Now, with its debut in Asda, consumers will soon have access to a wider array of Oddlygood offerings, including two flavoured barista drinks, vanilla and salted caramel, and two Dreamy Desserts, lemon and berry.

The expansion into Asda comes at a crucial time for Oddlygood, as their national sales manager for the United Kingdom emphasises the competitive nature of the oat drink market. Despite facing challenges posed by the cost-of-living crisis, Oddlygood remains optimistic about its prospects, recognising the growing demand for plant-based alternatives among consumers.

Central to Oddlygood’s success is its commitment to sustainability and quality. The brand’s barista oat drink stands out for its high protein content – 1.2g per 100g, and its use of 100% oat flour, a rarity in the plant-based portfolio. 

Moreover, Oddlygood’s innovative production process minimises waste, reflecting its dedication to environmental stewardship.

In a recent interview, Oddlygoods manufacturing team shed light on their process, stating that they filter nothing out when processing the oat flour, ensuring that it’s utilised to its full potential. Starting from fine oat flour, because they do not filter any part out, it minimises oat waste in their factories. 

However they did go on to express that while they cannot claim zero waste, their process is not built around filtering parts of the oat out, but instead using it all.

Investments in manufacturing processes and marketing further underscore Oddlygood’s commitment to excellence. A seven-figure marketing investment, including the launch of the ‘An Ode to Oddness’ campaign, aims to celebrate uniqueness and redefine norms in the plant-based food industry. 

Inspired by consumer reactions in Finland, the campaign encapsulates the essence of Oddlygood – surprisingly delicious plant-based options that defy expectations.

Looking ahead, Ogglygood remains poised for continued growth and innovation. Seasonal offerings, including pumpkin spice oat drink and cinnamon roll variants, are set to tantalise UK consumers later this year, further solidifying Oddlygood’s position as a trailblazer in the plant-based market.

In conclusion, Oddlygood’s expansion into Asda signifies a significant milestone in its journey toward global recognition. With its commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation, Oddlygood continues to redefine the plant-based food landscape, proving that being ‘odd’ can indeed be ‘oddly good’.

News Credits: Finnish plant-based brand invests seven figures to drive UK presence

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