The Veggie Kebab Revolution: A Plant-Based Twist on a Meaty Classic

In a culinary partnership destined to shake up the kebab market, The Düzgün Group, a renowned döner producer, has teamed up with The Vegetarian Butcher

Together, they’re on a mission to disrupt the European kebab scene with the launch of a plant-based meat skewer that remarkably mimics the taste and texture of its animal meat counterpart, all while retaining the essence of traditional kebab preparation. 

It is safe to say that the era of plant-based döner, shawarma, and gyros is upon us, and it’s set to revolutionise the fast-food landscape in Europe.

The Kebab Craze Sweeping Europe

Kebabs, in their many delectable forms, hold a special place in the hearts and stomachs of Europeans. Germany, in particular, has a passionate love affair with döner kebabs, surpassing currywurst to become the country’s most popular street food, according to a recent YouGov poll. 

Over half of Germany’s street food outlets are döner kebab shops, raking in a staggering €2.4 billion (£1.93 billion) annually. But this culinary sensation isn’t limited to Germany alone. Across Europe, a staggering 400 tonnes of kebabs are produced daily, predominantly exported from Germany, generating an impressive annual revenue of €12 billion (£10.5 billion).

The Art of Döner Kebab: From Spit to Skewer

The magic of a döner kebab lies in its vertical cooking method, allowing fat to drip off the rotating spit-roast, fueling the flames below, and infusing the meat with flavour. 

What’s more, the skewer’s rotation then ensures even cooking and a delectable basting of fat, leaving the meat ready to be sliced and served with an array of condiments and bread. 

It certainly is a delicious culinary delight for meat enthusiasts but has remained off-limits for vegans and vegetarians, or at least it was until now.

A Plant-Based Kebab Revelation and How to Craft It

Starting September 2023, consumers can savour the authentic taste and experience of an animal meat kebab from a plant-based skewer. This innovation is halal-certified and lactose-free, making it accessible to a wide range of dietary preferences. 

What’s more, with thanks to The Vegetarian Butcher’s latest meat-hack, developed in collaboration with The Düzgün Group, the dream of plant-based kebabs is now a reality.

Though, creating a plant-based kebab that matches the flavour, texture, and experience of its meaty counterpart required meticulous work, but the R&D Developer at The Vegetarian Butcher undertook the exciting challenge of understanding and replicating the nuances of the traditional kebab:


The plant-based kebab is an artful blend of flavours and spices, including traditional elements like cumin, oregano, garlic, and onion, meticulously crafted to deliver an authentic meat kebab taste using plant-based ingredients. They even went a step further, offering a range of regional flavour profiles, from Mediterranean herbs to Middle Eastern spices.


Crafted from soy and a mix of binding ingredients, the plant-based kebab is shaped to resemble a döner kebab skewer while maintaining the satisfying texture and slicing ability of animal meat kebabs. It boasts the same succulent, slightly crispy exterior that carnivores crave.

Slicing and Shaving

Achieving perfectly grilled, thinly sliced, and juicy plant-based meat presented a challenge. The Vegetarian Butcher’s solution involved a blend of fats with varying melting characteristics, ensuring that the meat remains succulent even after grilling. Each slice mirrors the mouthwatering aesthetics of traditional döner meat, inviting both the eyes and palate.

Cooking and Grilling

This plant-based skewer behaves just like animal meat, allowing it to be grilled on the skewer itself, replicating the speed of cooking and browning seen with traditional kebabs. The skewer’s adaptability to existing grilling techniques ensures a seamless transition for restaurant kitchens, delivering consistent results every time.

A Plant-Based Kebab for Everyone

The goal of this groundbreaking launch is to make plant-based meat skewers a mainstream choice on menus across Europe, satisfying the growing consumer demand for meat alternatives. 

In Germany, where 60% of 16–59-year-olds express a willingness to order plant-based kebabs, this move comes as no surprise, with 42% of the population actively reducing their meat intake.

What sets this product apart is its seamless integration into existing kitchen setups, requiring no additional equipment or changes to cooking techniques. Therefore, it’s a game-changer designed to delight meat enthusiasts from vegans to carnivores. 

What’s more, it promises to enhance not just the dietary options but also the sustainability and versatility of kebab restaurants across Europe.

Conclusion: A Culinary Journey Without Boundaries

In essence, the collaboration between The Düzgün Group and The Vegetarian Butcher represents a leap forward in the culinary world, bridging the gap between tradition and innovation

Their plant-based kebab revolution is not just about catering to dietary preferences but is a bold statement of culinary mastery that promises to win over discerning palates across Europe. 

As these savoury skewers sizzle their way into the mainstream, one thing is clear: the taste of a perfect kebab knows no boundaries. So, prepare your taste buds for a kebab experience like no other, where tradition meets the future, and everyone is invited to the feast.

News Credits: Unilever R&D tie-up develops vegan döner kebab that cooks vertically, mimics ‘shaving and grilling behaviour’

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