Turncoat Gin Distillery Advances with Reusable Aluminium Bottles

In a significant stride towards environmental sustainability, Liverpool’s Turncoat Gin Distillery has introduced a new line of reusable aluminium bottles for its core products, setting a pioneering example for the beverage industry. 

This initiative is part of the distillery’s ongoing mission to reduce its ecological footprint and champion sustainability.

The switch to aluminium bottles offers considerable environmental benefits: each bottle is 84% lighter than its traditional glass counterpart. This substantial reduction in weight translates to a savings of 0.4kg of CO2 emissions per bottle, due to decreased energy consumption in transportation and handling. 

The head of Turncoat Gin emphasised the importance of this change, noting that by adopting aluminium, they not only reduce their emissions but also significantly cut down on the operational challenges associated with glass, such as breakages and shorter shelf life.

The initiative reflects Turncoat Gin’s profound connection to Liverpool, a city celebrated for its dynamism and innovation. As a fixture of this vibrant community, it’s crucial for them to lead by example in sustainability, a sentiment expressed by the head of the distillery at the bottle launch event. 

Furthermore, they also outlined the secondary benefits for distributors and retailers, including lower shipping costs and enhanced product durability.

While acknowledging that aluminium production initially results in higher CO2 emissions compared to glass, the distillery was confident that the overall lifecycle impact of aluminium is more favourable. 

Over time, the benefits of aluminium, such as its light weight and durability, contribute to a lower cumulative environmental impact, especially when considering the transportation of heavier glass bottles often results in greater levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, Turncoat Gin is keen on demonstrating that sustainability can be embedded in every facet of business operations. The move to aluminium bottles is just the beginning, as the distillery plans further innovations and improvements aimed at achieving carbon neutrality.

In tandem with the new packaging, Turncoat Gin has also relocated its production to Love Lane Brewery. This move is designed to expand their production capacity while enhancing operational efficiency. 

The new managing director of Love Lane Brewery expressed their support,stating that they are thrilled to have Turncoat Gin join them. Their commitment to sustainability and quality perfectly complements their ethos at Love Lane, and they look forward to a fruitful collaboration that will enhance the experiences of their guests.

This partnership is expected to leverage the strengths of both entities, combining Turncoat Gin’s innovative spirit with Love Lane’s renowned craftsmanship and operational acumen.

In closing, Turncoat Gin Distillery’s decision to adopt reusable aluminium bottles is a testament to their commitment to sustainable practices and a reduced carbon footprint. 

This initiative not only benefits the environment but also sets a new standard of responsibility and innovation in the beverage industry. As Turncoat Gin continues to integrate sustainability into its core operations, it stands as a leading example for other businesses aiming to make a positive impact on the planet. 

Through such forward-thinking practices, Turncoat Gin hopes to inspire a broader movement towards environmental stewardship across the industry.

News Credits: Turncoat Gin Distillery launches reusable aluminium bottles

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