OSY Group Secures £750k to Revolutionise Food Preservation

OSY Group, a pioneering Manchester-based technology firm, has announced a significant financial milestone, securing £750,000 from investors to advance the deployment of its flagship product, Xtend

This cutting-edge technology offers an antimicrobial packaging coating that dramatically increases the shelf-life of diverse food products, benefiting both local and international markets.

The injection of capital will expedite the commercialisation of Xtend, enabling OSY to leverage its innovative technology more broadly. This effort is bolstered by a previous £250,000 equity fundraising initiative last year and an award from Innovate UK through its ‘Better for All’ competition, which supports innovative solutions to nutrition challenges.

Xtend, OSY’s breakthrough product, features a water-based antimicrobial coating applied to food packaging surfaces. The coating creates microscopic pins that puncture cell walls of microbes, effectively killing them and drastically slowing down the spoiling process of the packaged food. 

Furthermore, this extends the freshness and usability of products ranging from fruits and vegetables to ready-to-eat meals. The coating is versatile, suitable for a wide range of packaging types, including lidding films, plastic trays, flow wraps, fibre boards, and more.

The Chief Executive of OSY Group highlighted the technology’s broader impact, stating that their vision with Xtend is not only to enhance food preservation but also to address critical global issues, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating food poverty

Furthermore, with this latest funding round, they are poised to accelerate their technology’s reach both in the United Kingdom and globally, driving significant environmental and social benefits.

The funds will also support the company’s expansion plans, which include growing its team significantly in the coming months. The creation of new roles will span several departments, supporting the scaled deployment and adaptation of Xtend technology across different markets and food products.

Independent tests on Xtend have demonstrated its efficacy in extending the shelf-life of perishables by several days beyond their typical lifespan. 

Such advancements could revolutionise the food industry by enabling grocers and producers to achieve their sustainability targets more effectively, enhance food safety, and open up new export markets due to the extended usability of their products.

In conclusion, the recent funding acquired by OSY Group is set to transform the food preservation landscape. By extending food freshness, reducing waste, and lowering related environmental impacts, Xtend technology represents a significant leap forward in sustainable food practices

As OSY continues to grow and innovate, its contributions are likely to influence the entire food supply chain, promising a healthier, more sustainable future for food consumption worldwide.

News Credits: OSY Group secures £750k for shelf-life boosting tech

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