World’s First DNA Traceable Steak Moves from UK to Dubai

Diners in Dubai tasted the “world’s first” steak with DNA traceability, contributing to the export of Halal approved meat from Britain.

From its origin at Hill Farm Finest in the United Kingdom to its destination in UAE, this steak was tracked throughout every step of the supply chain – from DNA traceability all the way to a QR code. 

To bring farm-to-fork technology to the faith-based food sector, OneAgrix (a digital platform provider), Inexto (track and trace software developer) and OriginTrail (network developer) have collaborated with their ecosystem partners for this pilot project.

According to OneAgrix, a digitised infrastructure for food producers could add up to an astonishing £403bn in economic value by 2030.

Inexto’s ‘counterfeit-proof’ packaging and DNA traceability of meat products offer an extra level of safety throughout the food supply chain, tracing all the way back to the farm and processor.

Both food producer’s data and food certifications are stored on blockchain-based technologies of OriginTrail’s network operating system, which is then available to buyers via the OneAgrix platform.

OneAgrix’s pilot project has demonstrated that comprehensive end-to-end food visibility is commercially viable today, despite the upcoming US regulations demanding tracking and tracing for certain foods still a few years away. This development reinforces just how essential it is to have such methods in place as soon as possible.

News Credits: ‘World’s first’ DNA traceable steak travels from UK to Dubai

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