Frank Dale’s Changes Packaging to No Longer Contain Black Plastic

Sustainability has become a crucial concern, especially in the food industry, so it’s good to hear positive news that some food manufacturers are making big efforts to be more environmentally friendly.

One such brand is Frank Dale, known for its delicious frozen baked goods and buffet food designed especially with special occasions in mind, who has just announced that it has taken a significant step towards becoming a more sustainable producer.

Frank Dale announced that they have now replaced all previously used black plastic packaging in their product ranges, with clear and recyclable plastic packaging and corrugated board. This means that the brand has eliminated over 50 tonnes of black plastic used every year.

The brand’s objective is to decrease the amount of plastic waste and minimise its impact on the environment. Their new transparent packaging is a better option than black plastic because it is easier to recycle and makes it simple to recognize the products, and it’s been stated that the change does not affect the quality or freshness of the baked goods.

Frank Dale has also made changes to the type of plastics they use, in addition to shifting towards recyclable packaging. The range now exclusively uses recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) for its plastics. The plastics contain 70% recycled materials and a minimum of 30% of those materials come from post-consumer recycling supplied by Charpak.

The brand stated that it has made some adaptations to its manufacturing process and the new and updated packaging will help save 10 tonnes of black plastic waste from being discarded in landfills every year. Since 2019, Frank Dale has been implementing the programme to enhance its packaging use and operations, with the initial step being to decrease the number of packaging pieces, which they did by eliminating excess inner carriers.

Frank Dale certainly has taken a significant step towards becoming a more sustainable and planet-conscious brand by eliminating black plastic from their manufacturing process. This has not been an easy process and has faced some challenges, but the company has made the necessary and non-negotiable change to align with its commitment of being an environmentally responsible choice for chefs and caterers.

Furthermore, Frank Dale has teamed with CSB Packaging for the supply of corrugated board that is 100% recycled and recyclable. The board is made from recycled paper that has been processed into reels, and is used for all of their packaging and shipping.

This shift towards recycled and recyclable materials can yet again help by significantly reducing more waste, and also their carbon footprint, with these changes further showing that they are committed to becoming a more sustainable producer and taking responsibility for its environmental impact.

Frank Dale’s move towards sustainability is not only commendable, but it also sets an excellent example for other food manufacturers. By adopting more sustainable practices, food manufacturers can reduce their impact on the environment, which ranges from greenhouse gas emissions to plastic waste.

To sum up, the brand has made progress in becoming a more sustainable producer by discontinuing the use of black plastic and switching to a transparent recyclable packaging and corrugated board. The company’s use of recycled materials, specifically rPET plastics from Charpak, demonstrates their dedication to decreasing plastic waste and aiding the environment.

Furthermore, their collaboration with CSB Packaging to use 100% recycled and recyclable corrugated board is a crucial measure in reducing waste and lowering the company’s carbon footprint. By doing this, Frank Dale has demonstrated to the food industry that it’s feasible to operate sustainably and be accountable for our environmental impact by following these measures.

Other food manufacturers could also follow in these footsteps by also adopting similar measures, which would further address the increasing need for sustainability and have a beneficial effect on the environment.

News Credits: Frank Dale eliminates black plastic from production

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