Haribo UK Expands Castleford Site with Purpose-Built Warehouse

Haribo UK, the renowned sweets manufacturer beloved by generations, is embarking on an exciting expansion journey to satisfy the ever-growing demand for its iconic confectionery delights. 

This ambitious move has received the resounding approval of Wakefield Council, paving the way for the construction of a state-of-the-art warehouse at its production site in Castleford, West Yorkshire. Anticipated to be fully operational by 2025, this development is poised to reshape the confectionery landscape.

The journey to this groundbreaking moment began when Haribo submitted a comprehensive application to Wakefield Council last year. 

This application outlined the company’s vision for a purpose-built warehouse that would not only enhance production capacity but also fortify its commitment to Yorkshire and its dedication to spreading childlike happiness through its products to consumers across the United Kingdom.

Delving deeper into the details, the application highlighted that the new warehouse is not merely a symbol of growth but a shield for the livelihoods of approximately 680 dedicated staff members. 

What’s more, Haribo UK’s legacy in the local community spans half a century, contributing to the region’s economy and firmly establishing Wakefield and Yorkshire as beacons of excellence in food manufacturing.

Elated by this significant milestone, the Managing Director of Haribo UK and Ireland shared his enthusiasm, stating that following another remarkably successful year, they are delighted to have secured planning approval for their new, purpose-built warehouse at their Castleford site. 

They went on to add that with construction slated to commence shortly, they are proud to have enlisted the services of the esteemed local Yorkshire construction firm, Caddock Construction Limited, to oversee this monumental project.

Continuing on further, they underscored Haribo’s deep-rooted connection with Yorkshire, expressing that for five decades, they have played an integral role in Yorkshire’s sweet-making heritage. With the forthcoming warehouse, they aim to amplify their ability to create countless moments of childlike happiness through their delectable treats, bringing smiles to the faces of cherished customers across the length and breadth of the UK.

Since its inception in 1920, Haribo has cultivated a global presence, with products gracing the shelves of more than 20 countries and delighting consumers in over 100 nations worldwide. 

In addition to the Castleford site, Haribo operates a bustling production facility in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. Together, these two sites are responsible for the production of an astounding 80% of all Haribo sweets sold in the UK, solidifying the brand’s vital role in satisfying the nation’s sweet cravings.

In a resounding conclusion, Haribo UK’s ambitious expansion plan and the green light for the construction of a new, purpose-built warehouse signify a momentous leap forward for this iconic sweets manufacturer. 

This development is not merely a testament to Haribo’s dedication to crafting high-quality confectionery but also its unwavering commitment to the local community and the culinary excellence that Yorkshire is renowned for. 

As Haribo continues to evolve and expand, it remains steadfast in its mission to deliver sweet moments of joy to individuals of all ages across the UK and beyond. This exciting chapter in Haribo’s journey promises a sweeter future for all.

News Credits: Haribo gains approval for new warehouse, set to be operational by 2025

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