DEFRA Funds 22 Projects Under Landscape Recovery Scheme

The government to fund £12 million in grants to 22 farmer-led initiatives aiming to restore nature and increase biodiversity.

Under the Landscape Recovery Scheme, hundreds of farmers and landowners will be chosen to deliver projects focused on nature restoration, flood risk reduction, and biodiversity enhancement. This was announced today by Environment Secretary George Eustice.

The projects range in area from 500 to 5,000 hectares, with the majority involving a mix of land owners and managers, as well as tenants. Successful projects will now be awarded development grants around £12 million in total to help them finalise their delivery plans.

Restoration efforts of coastal farmland in Norfolk, Cotswold meadows and streams, and a nature corridor in the River Holme catchment are just three of the 22 major initiatives that will be aided by the initiative, implementing the Government’s post-Brexit Landscape Recovery Scheme. 

The Landscape Recovery scheme is one of three new environmental land management schemes introduced by the government after Brexit.

The other two programs are the Sustainable Farming Incentive, promoting sustaining farming practices, and Local Nature Recovery, which will help create space for wildlife while still being able to produce food.


News Credits: Projects of Landscape Recovery scheme announced


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