Mosa Meat Call for Collaboration: Advancing Lab Grown Beef

Mosa Meat of the Netherlands has recently released an account that details what advancements have been made with cultured meat and their outlook for its future, while demanding more support from government and industry to make this happen.

As Singapore and the US FDA have both given their seal of approval for cultivated meat and another lab grown chicken product, Mosa Meat has published the report examining these advancements and laying out its vision for the future.

The review Mosa Meat put together outlines the essentials for achieving a positive impact on climate change, animal welfare, food security, natural resource depletion and public health. Crucially, this strategy demands recognition from a variety of stakeholders such as governments and food industries in order to expedite the development process and build a sustainable value chain.

The cultivated meat company recently unveiled the opening of its new, industrial-sized production campus in the Netherlands (77,000 sq ft), touted as one of the world’s largest. The company has also taken part in COP27 to express their opinion on sustainable meat production.

News Credits: Mosa Meat calls for collaboration to advance lab grown beef

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