UK’s First Vegan Toad in the Hole Launched Ahead of Veganuary

Just in time for Veganuary, The Real Yorkshire Pudding Company presents UK’s first vegan toad in the hole!

The product was launched on January 3 and is now available in over 300 Asda stores nationwide.

Perfectly timed for Veganuary, the delectable dish has been crafted by The Real Yorkshire Pudding Company – the UK’s premier chilled Yorkshire pudding manufacturer. Ready in just 12 minutes, this vegan meal from the brand is incredibly simple to prepare and can be served straight from the oven to your plate. 

Made for both the meat-eaters and vegans, this dish includes two delectable Lincolnshire-style meatless sausages baked in a tasty yet light batter that lingers on your lips.

In an announcement to Vegan Food & Living, Bill Howson, Managing Director of The Real Yorkshire Pudding Company declared that the company’s determination to expand accessibility for their superior products forms part of their bold objectives. By crafting an inclusive range, they are ensuring that those who aim to reduce their meat consumption don’t miss out. 

Significant effort and dedication went into perfecting the recipe for this vegan version of a British classic – Toad in the Hole! With flexitarianism becoming increasingly popular, it was essential to create something relevant and modern. As first-to-market with this unique take on a traditional staple dish, they have been able to add their own contemporary spin on things.

From January 3, The Real Yorkshire Pudding Company’s new dish is available in 300 Asda stores throughout the UK, as well as online on their website.


News Credits: UK’s first vegan toad in the hole launches in major UK supermarket chain – find out which one

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