PepsiCo to Fund Recycling Projects

PepsiCo Europe’s innovation division has confirmed funding to start-ups seeking to scale sustainability solutions in its supply chain, including chemical recycling for flexible plastics and package labelling using blockchain.

PepsiCo’s program is investing in six early-stage companies working on cutting-edge technologies with a focus on energy efficiency; plastic recycling; water recovery and sustainable cleaning and hygiene.

PepsiCo Labs is a technology-oriented entity within PepsiCo that aims to identify and collaborate with start-ups in order to generate company growth and efficiency. According to its website, PepsiCo Labs has already scaled 30 start-ups in over 200 countries.

PepsiCo is collaborating with B Corp certified UBQ Materials to develop a chemical recycling process for unsorted domestic waste, including plastics that are not yet recyclable, as it works to expand a B Corp-certified materials recovery program. 

The chemical treatment converts organic and paper waste into lignin, cellulose, fibres, and sugars while converting plastic waste into its individual polymers using a proprietary process. The polymers serve as binders to hold the other components together, resulting in a thermoplastic. The resulting material, according to UBQ, is recyclable and the manufacturing process is low-impact.

News Credits: PepsiCo funnels funding into plastic recycling innovation projects


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