Zero-Waste Plant Protein Extraction Developed

Gavan Technologies Ltd. has developed a novel, waste-free protein extraction process that complements the environmental sustainability loop through upcycling as a way of practising sustainability.

The continuous extraction platform at the start-up produces a variety of products from the whole plant. The food-tech firm promotes the circular economy by focusing on whole plant extraction at the heart of its operations.

Itai Cohen, CEO and co-founder of Gavan comments: “Our new, multistep technological platform enables us to take any plant source, isolate and extricate multiple proteins and other valuable components until the source is fully consumed”.

Gavan’s proprietary modification platform takes advantage of the plant components’ individual functional capabilities to create natural hues, protein isolates, flavour enhancers, gluten alternatives, and other useful chemicals. The process requires zero-to-minimal heat and can therefore save up to a tenfold amount of energy.


News Credit: Gavan Develops Zero-Waste Plant Protein Extraction

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