Load Cell Junction Boxes

Below is a range of load cell connection boxes for use in ATEX or Non Hazardous environments. These can be supplied as part of a load cell kit or to replace existing junction boxes that have failed.

Load Cell Junction Boxes

There are different types of load cells that are used in industrial applications. There are also different connection kits and junction boxes used to connect these load cells with other equipment. But, what are load cells and connections kits? Let’s take a look.

Industrial Load Cells: An industrial load cell is a force sensor that measures weight or force by converting it into an electrical signal. They are typically used in industrial applications like manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution centres to monitor the weight of goods. It is a device that measures the weight of an object and converts it into a proportional electrical signal. Load cells are also known as force transducers, load sensors, or load gauges.

Since load cells measure force, they need to be installed in compression or tension. That means that the connection kits will either be compression or tension. The only difference between compression and tension is that compression requires a threaded hole to install the sensor onto a beam, while tension does not require this hole and instead uses adhesive tape or screws.

A threaded hole can also be used with compression sensors, but it is not necessary to use adhesive tape or screws instead.

Connection kits help connect load cells with other equipment like scales or indicators for measuring weight or force.

Junction Boxes and Connection Kits

Connection kits for industrial load cells can be tricky to find. These kits are highly specialised and can only be sourced from a handful of manufacturers. The large industrial cable and junction boxes they come with are even more difficult to find.

However, Micro Weighing Solutions offers a wide selection of different industrial load cells, connections kits, and junction boxes to meet the needs and standards of our clients.

What is an ATEX Rating?

An ATEX rating is a safety rating for electrical equipment in hazardous areas. The ATEX is an international standard that sets the requirements for equipment used in areas with a risk of explosion or fire. National authorities issue ATEX ratings and they are valid throughout the European Union. They can be found on the manufacturer’s data plate, the equipment itself, or in accompanying documentation.

All products that are designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres must be certified with an ATEX Label. Products to be certified must undergo a series of tests to ensure they are able to operate safely in explosive atmospheres. It is important to determine that they will not produce any sparks or flames.

When you are in the market for load cells, connection kits, junctions boxes that need the ATEX rating, you can count on Micro Weighing Solutions as your superior supplier. We work with clients in all industries. Our goal is to determine what it is that you are trying to achieve in order to come up with affordable, safe solutions for that particular application.

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