Mobile Scales / Portable Scales

MWS manufacture a range of Mobile and portable weighing scales, solutions with built in fork guides through to solutions with built in wheels or castors.

Portable Scales

Portable Scales or Trolley Scales can be moved easily around a factory or production area to weigh what is needed. These scales are handy for a variety of reasons. 

Portable scales are also sometimes called trolley scales, either way these are scales that can be moved. These scales are used mainly for weighing materials that are held in bulk and need the scale to be brought to the material.  

Moving a scale can potentially affect its accuracy. To fight this, we recommend that you always calibrate the scale where it sits, however we understand that this may not be practical. Portable scales should always be placed on a flat hard surface to get the most accurate weight. We offer a variety of different types of portable scales or scales that can be moved, let’s take a look 

Portable Scales manufactured by MWS

Let’s look at the options of portable weight scales offered by Micro Weighing Solutions. These include:

DTSP Scales:  These scales are known for their low profile with low profile casters capable of working with loads up to 1500kg. This sort of scale is perfect for the food and chemical industry.  

Cronos Mobile Weigh Station: This is a portable weighing scale usually used in the food industries looking to find the target weight by removing weight. This weigh station is generally used for sandwich making, meals, and pizza. 

FLPS Portable Floor Scale:  This type of portable weighing scale is used to weigh intermediate bulk containers (IBC) found in various locations. It is made to be moved around via forklift with ease.

LPBW Scales: These are types of trolley scales are used to weigh drums and barrels up to 300kg.  

FLTS Portable Floor Scale: This is a scale designed to be moved easily with a forklift. This is very common in industrial manufacturing as things need to be weighed around the plant for various reasons.  

MBS Mild Steel Mobile scale:  These portable weighing scales are made to be moved around with ease. These scales have a small ramp to move components and parts onto the scale.  

There is also the MBW mobile scale and the MBD mobile scale as solutions as well.

Finding the right Portable Weighing Scales for Your Operations

We understand that with so many options for weighing things throughout your plant, it is hard to choose. However, we have excellent customer service that can go over the various trolley scales and help you determine which is right or industry and needs. Our solutions have pros and cons that need to be understood to find the best portable scale for your operations.

Trolly scales are designed to give accurate readings throughout the industrial plant and move around with ease. Each of our designs has various benefits in mind. Some scales are made for specific containers, such as barrels or IBCs.  Others are designed with portability in mind. A few have built-in ramps to make it easier on the operators. Some have their own casters to move around freely on their own, while others will need a forklift to get around. Each of these portable scale solutions has its place in the industrial world of weighing.

If you are not sure what application you need, give us a call or chat with our customer service online to find out what we suggest. After all, we are the leading manufacturer of industrial scales in the UK and are here to help!