UK Innovation Centre to Help Europe’s Largest Vertical Farm

The rising cost of food in the United Kingdom, driven by escalating energy costs, has exacerbated the cost of living and necessitated efforts to decrease imports.

To help end the UK’s reliance on importing soft fruits, herbs, and cut flowers in ten years, a cutting-edge research centre has been built in England.

The Innovation Centre in Bristol, which opened in June, is the latest project by Jones Food Company (JFC), the UK’s largest vertical farm owner, which owns Europe’s biggest vertically-grown facility.

The JFC Group, which runs the UK’s biggest fresh-cut basil producer, plans to expand its operations in nine months. It aims to produce soft fruits, flowers, vegetables and even vines on a profitable commercial scale in the near future.

The company’s executives state that the ultimate goal is to make vertical farming the primary supplier of fresh food in the United Kingdom.


News Credits: UK innovation centre to help boost produce grown on Europe’s largest vertical farm

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