Wyke Farm’s £10 million Investment Into a Butter Dairy

The UK’s premier independent cheese manufacturer, Wyke Farms, has invested a whopping £10 million to open an innovative butter dairy. The latest facility will create butter with an extended shelf life, allowing the organisation to transport their product to premium international customers, as well as remaining to supply customers across the United Kingdom.

Wyke Farms’ state-of-the-art butter dairy offers cutting edge technology in production, cold storage, and packaging; and by employing local contractors to construct the facility, they not only provided job opportunities for the community but also bolstered the local economy as well.

This investment is only the beginning of a five-year growth plan that the company wishes to embark on, that was given an initial boost with a £480,000 grant from the Rural Development Programme for England.

The company’s newly created ‘Ivy’s Reserve Salted Farmhouse Butter’, hoped to also be known as the world’s first carbon-neutral butter, is set to be available during the second quarter of this year. This groundbreaking product is expected to revolutionise its market and make an impact that will be felt for years to come! This success demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainability and its ambition for further growth.

Crafted with love, Wyke Farms’ ‘Ivy’s Reserve Salted Farmhouse Butter’ is created using locally sourced cream and milk that is churned in small batches and then sprinkled with traditional salt. The new butter from the company has been specially formulated to be able to last much longer than its predecessors, boasting an impressive shelf-life of more than two weeks, which was the maximum time-frame for their previous butters.

By utilising this new butter, the company will be able to expand its reach beyond just the UK, and into more premium markets abroad. The brand-new facility will be able to create around six million packs of butter every year, to which industry experts expressed tremendous enthusiasm. When Wyke Farms unveiled their new butter dairy and its accompanying ‘Ivy’s Reserve Salted Farmhouse Butter’, Richard Clothier, Managing Director of Wyke Farms, proclaimed that “the new plant will help to propel them forward in achieving their ambition of doubling their turnover within the next five years”.

This investment announcement followed the company’s remarkable rise in foreign sales, which has now been revealed to account for a fourth of all its revenue. The company posted a noteworthy profit of £3.4 million in spite of the inflated operating costs that characterised last year’s fiscal activity. This incredible surge in sales is an achievement for both the company and all of the UK’s dairy industry!

Marking an important milestone in the expansion and sustainability of Wyke Farms, the launch of their butter dairy is cause for celebration! Wyke Farms’ mission of sustainability is manifested through the use of renewable energy sources in their facility, job creation for locals, and their unique ‘Ivy’s Reserve Salted Farmhouse Butter’ product.

This development will enable the company to extend its global reach, accessing exclusive export markets and thus fueling the local economy. With this long-term investment for Wyke Farms, it is anticipated that generations will be able to benefit from such growth in years to come.

News Credits: Wyke Farms invests £10m in butter dairy facility

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