Cavan Bakery Triples Production to Meet Growing Demand

Crafting artisan bread isn’t simply a matter of ingredients or recipe – it’s an art form that requires expertise, dedication and unwavering patience. The baking process is paramount to the final product, and must be executed with precision in order to produce mouth-watering loaves every time!

Since 1929, Cavan Bakery has been providing Twickenham and South-west London with its expertly crafted artisanal breads, delectable savoury delights, and exquisite sweet treats. Due to the remarkable success of Cavan Bakery’s products, they have made a strategic decision to triple their production capacity in order to meet increasing customer demand.

Crafting a large variety of delicious breads, pastries, cakes, buns and more each day with care and attention to detail – that’s the hallmark of Cavan Bakery! As an independent family-owned bakery, they strive to produce 15 different breads daily, and in total over 80,000 products are supplied into its shops and cafés, as well as wholesale to local businesses each week.

The state-of-the-art new bakery, made possible by a £1.5 million funding package provided by Lloyds Bank, has more than tripled in size, now encompassing 15,000 sq ft and providing plenty of room to store ingredients and dramatically increase production. The business designed the fit-out of the old warehouse to ensure they had a customised space that would help them reach their goals for growth.

Its impressive new equipment ensures that the bread is made in a controlled environment to provide the same quality every time; with the facility also having a larger capacity to produce a more significant quantity of baked goods. Also, as the demand for locally-sourced, ethically crafted food continues to surge, Cavan Bakery is now setting its sights on opening an additional three shops in 2023.

This considerable expansion will not only increase their production capacity, but also offer countless possibilities of giving customers the opportunity to share in and enjoy their outstanding products. With multiple shops located in South-West London already, the company is now able to spread its wings and reach a broader range of customers. 

At present, they provide over 100 wholesale clients with their goods; which include cafes, restaurants and farm stores, that make up roughly 15% of their total turnover. By increasing their presence in the area, they now have the potential to further expand upon this figure.

The company is notably devoted to obtaining all of their ingredients as locally as they can, resulting in minimised food miles, and any surplus food is kindly donated to community kitchens, homeless shelters, breakfast clubs and more to avoid as much food waste as possible.

Furthermore, Cavan Bakery currently employs around 180 locals, and to ensure they can continue recruiting and retaining talented employees, investing in a cutting-edge purpose-built production facility was essential for them to be able to do this.

With the investments in updated, modern machinery, it has allowed them to save money on expenses and become more efficient at the same time, and in pursuit of an environmentally friendly fleet, the business has recently committed to electrifying its delivery vehicles, beginning with their first electric van.

To conclude, Cavan Bakery’s remarkable growth and extension of their services is testament to the public’s enthusiasm for their artisanal breads and treats. It also serves as a reminder of their unwavering commitment to delivering unrivalled quality snacks. By expanding their business, they are now able to offer more people the opportunity to enjoy their delectable bread and pastry products.

Employing their customary techniques with modern amenities and state-of-the-art tools, this brand new sparkling facility allows them to keep up with the soaring demand for their deliciously tasty products. It’s clear to see that Cavan Bakery is reawakening the lost art of baking, and their customers are eagerly anticipating their next delicious creations!

News Credits: Bakery’s £1.5m expansion as it proves track record for success

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