‘Roselle’: The Unveiling of The New Hibiscus ‘Super Muffin’

Ditch the kale chips and get ready for a revolutionary snack: The Super Muffin! Norwegian researchers have been able to tap into an extract from Hibiscus sabdariffa, which has allowed them to be able to craft this exciting and delicious treat, which also happens to be free of artificial ingredients, and packs plenty of nutritional power.

Get ready, because ‘Roselle’ – named after the thoughtful way the Hibiscus plant is known for – is here and it’s set to become one of the hottest health foods around! This ‘tasty and fluffy’ muffin has already been generating a lot of buzz in the food world. Now, let’s discover what sets this muffin apart from the rest!

What is Hibiscus Sabdariffa?

The Hibiscus sabdariffa flower, which is native to tropical climates, holds a special extract known as calyx. This plant’s calyx extract is teeming with beneficial bioactive elements such as polyphenols, flavonoids, betaine and hibiscus acid.

Scientists believe that these components can be used for the construction of new products and functional food, which may come with positive health benefits, plus a probable decrease in chronic illnesses.

Benefits of Eating Roselle Super Muffins

Indulging in Roselle Super Muffins offers numerous advantages – both nutritive and sensory. Nutrient-wise, these muffins are brimming with antioxidants such as phenolics that have been acknowledged to prohibit the destruction of cellular membranes and genetic material.

Additionally, they are packed with anthocyanins – an infusionable dye that produces a range of hues when added to water including: red, pink, purple, blue-violet and violet; rather than relying on synthetic dyes to colour our food, this natural dye offers a healthier alternative that is more beneficial for the body.

From a sensory perspective, these muffins offer an unforgettable flavour experience, sure to ignite the senses and tantalise the taste buds. These treats are the perfect combination of soft, moist, springy interiors and hard, golden crusts that make them incredibly tempting while still being a healthy snack! 

To Conclude

With the launch of the Roselle Super Muffin, food production and manufacturing is taking a major stride towards new dietary advancements! Adaptogens, such as hibiscus, are becoming increasingly popular due to their potential for both health and wellness benefits.

In the past, these adaptogenic herbs have mostly been used in beverages; however with further research and growth of interest there is so much more that can be learnt about them! A debt of gratitude is owed to Norwegian researchers for introducing us to this delectable new snack that not only tantalises our taste buds but also provides countless nutritional benefits!

News Credits: Food researchers employ botanical extract to unveil ‘super muffin’ with benefits

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