What Types of Weighing Scales Are Used Within the Food Industry?

The food industry relies on a variety of different weighing scales to accurately measure ingredients and portions, either in small quantities or in bulk amounts.

Many food items require precise measurements to ensure safety and quality, so the right type of weighing scale is essential.

Let’s take a closer look at the type of scales that are used in a food industry setting. 

Digital Scales

These types of scales are commonly used in the food industry due to their accuracy, versatility and easy-to-read displays.

These scales typically measure in kilograms, pounds and ounces, and have the capacity to weigh up to several hundred kilograms.

Digital scales are also often equipped with features like tare weight compensation, which allows one object to be weighed multiple times without having to reset the scale each time.

Platform Scales

These are typically required for measuring large items and ingredients that come in bulk containers or sacks.

These scales typically feature a large, flat platform scale base where items can be placed for weighing, and are suitable for both small and large batches of products that need to be weighed in one go.

Bench Platform Scales

Bench scales are also commonly used in the food industry for measuring lighter ingredients, such as liquids or powders. These are designed to sit on a table at working height with the weight display at eye level. Ideally these types of scale must be stainless steel and have a hygienic design.

This type of scale is usually accurate to within one gram.

Portion Control Scales

Lastly, portion control scales are used for measuring and weighing individual items or portions of food.

These scales typically feature a large platform or tray that can be divided into separate compartments for different ingredients, and they are ideal for ensuring uniformity in packaging and portion sizes.

Overall, the food industry relies heavily on weighing scales to accurately measure ingredients and portions, utilising different types of scales when needing to measure different types of items; which can range from small ingredients to large batches of products.

Digital, platform, hanging and portion control scales are all used in the food industry to ensure exact measurements and to maintain the quality and safety of all food items.

It is important for establishments in the food industry to select an appropriate scale that offers accuracy and reliability when measuring ingredients, portions and batches, ensuring that food products meet industry standards and provide consumers with a safe, high-quality eating experience.

If you have any questions about which scale is right for your industry, speak to our team today who would be happy to advise you.