Bench Mount Scales

A range of bench top weighing scales for all types of industries. There are a variety of names and descriptions for these types of scales from bench top, bench mount, platform scale, single point scales to name a few. Rest assured when you choose MWS a partner in weighing they have the right machine to work with the application you have.

Bench Scales

Bench scales or tabletop scales are used mainly in the food industry, manufacturing, or warehouses. These are typically smaller scales that are made to be waterproof and allow for washdown when dirty and between measurements.  

Washdown scales are popular in the food and drinks industry for good reason. This industry needs to have everything immaculate to be working well. This industry typically has a lot of dust floating around that can coat the scales, which will often need to be wiped down. While all scales need to be cleaned from time to time, the need is much higher in certain industries.  It is essential to look at waterproof and washdown style scales made in the UK for the best quality.

Who uses washdown scales?

Many industries use washdown scales, such as food factories. Bench scales are typically found in food factories such as fish markets. These scales must be waterproof and be able to be cleaned regularly. Typically you will find scales in the back of the fish market to weigh the catch and at the front of the shop to weigh out customers’ orders. All scales in a fish market will be washed and cleaned regularly. 

They Offer Better Value for the Money

If you know that your scales will be exposed to many liquids and will need to be cleaned often, then you should look at our bench scale options. Food factories are the perfect example of an industry that uses our bench scales. These scales are ideal for many industries.  But we haven’t spoken about the postage options.

Postage is becoming more and more common for companies to have to determine. This is due to increased online sales, where shipping is very common. For the most part, Shipping scales will not have to endure liquids.  They also won’t have to be wiped down as much as scales that will be used to weigh food items.

While most of our bench scales are designed to sit on a table or counter, some options will have their own legs. These scales are perfect for those that need to have scales that are portable for various reasons.

These weigh stations are very common in a variety of industries. They are often used as a takeaway scale. This means they will weigh the product, and the person can take away the product until the goal weight is made. We often see this in meat shops, delis, and other places where they weigh food contents.  

High Quality Made in the UK Scales

Most of our scales are made in the UK, as we understand the need for high-quality scales our clients need. We take our time to thoroughly study and understand what types of scales each industry will need. We want to provide scales with appropriate properties to ensure the scales chosen will last for a long time. Each industry has its own different needs and requirements. If you are unsure which scale type is designed for your industry, ask. We are happy to go over the different types of scales available. Let’s come up with the best solutions for you.