Above Ground Floor Scales

MWS manufacture a large variety of floor scales for a number of applications, here you will find a range of floor scales that are designed for easy install and to be placed onto a normal surface. These machines are designed and manufactured by MWS here in the UK. These models are available as standard items, however any model you see can be tailored to specific needs of the application.

Please ask to speak to one of the experienced team who will be able to help discuss your application and find the best model to suit your needs.

Above Ground Floor Scales

Floor scales, surface mount, and heavy-duty weighing scales are some of the various weighing options we offer. Above-ground scales are suitable for a variety of applications and industries.

Some of these industries included transportation and logistics, manufacturing pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food, to name a few.

These heavy-duty scales are used for various reasons that need scales that are capable of handling the load. Whether the load is wet or dry, having it with ease is what our above-ground floor scales are made for.

These above-ground floor scales are many different reasons. Whether you are looking for a scale for flexible use, fast and easy to clean, hygienic design, or rugged construction, our above-ground floor scales have you covered. They are sleek to the ground to allow easy access and easy transport of the substances onto the platform. These surface-mount scales are made with a low profile to  ensure that everyone can get things up and onto them with ease. They are easy to clean and work in a variety of environments. Micro Weighing Solutions has you covered when it comes to above-ground floor scales. 

Heavy-Duty Scales that are Surface Mount

We have a variety of options to choose from to fit nearly every application. Let’s take a look at these options:

DTSP Portable Drive Through Scales: These are the perfect scales for those looking for a low profile scale that allows for ease of use when getting what needs to be weighed up onto it. 

Carcass Weight Scale: These are scales used to weigh animal carcasses. They are robust enough to handle the weight, but that A-frame arched arm is made to be out of the way to get the proper weight each and every time. 

Heavy Duty Scale: This heavy-duty option has you covered when looking for a high-capacity floor scale. Again, an excellent choice for a low profile design that needs that to get the job done.

EZ Lift Drive in Scale: There is no need to worry about calibration with this scale after its lift and lowering procedure. Again, this scale was designed with a low profile and for ease of cleaning.

Barrel Scale:  The barrel scale will allow those using barrels for substances to monitor the substance inside the barrel by looking at the overall weight.   This also makes adding and subtracting substances within the barrel fairly easy.

Low Profile Scale: This scale weighs dolavs and trolleys with a minimal footprint. This scale is ideal for various applications.  

Stainless Steel Floor Scale:  When it comes to scales that need that extra attention to cleanliness, this is the surface mount style scale needed. These heavy-duty scales are typically found in food and pharmaceuticals due to the ease of cleaning.

Count On Micro Weighing Solutions

Micro Weighing Solutions has you covered when it comes to finding the perfect heavy-duty scales. We work directly with many businesses manufacturing scales for their factories. This allows us to develop solutions that will work for their operations. Each factory or plant is different in its needs wen it comes to industrial floor scales. Some need heavy-duty scales that are low profile and not moveable. Others need portable scales where the scales come to the materials. It really depends on what you plan to do with them, to find the right fit. Call or chat online today to find out what options are perfect for your situation.