Below Surface Floor Scales / Pit Mounted Scales

At MWS, we manufacture a large variety of floor scales here in the UK for use in a number of applications. Here you will find a range of floor scales that are designed for installation below ground in specially created pits. Gas lift platforms have assisted plates for ease of cleaning by operators, ideal for use in food factories and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants.

These models are available as standard items, however, any model you see can be tailored to specific needs of the application. Please ask to speak to one of the experienced team who will be able to discuss your application and find the best model to suit your needs.

Below Surface Floor Scales

Floor scales are usually used in manufacturing industries that measure the weight of various things in both lbs and kgs. These scales are typically operated on the floor level. Floor scales are often called in-ground scales or pit scales. Reasons to consider floor scales are:

The main industrial settings that you will find in-ground scales or pit scales are warehouses, agriculture, and health care

Choosing the Right Floor Scale for Your Application

When purchasing in-ground scales or pit scales, there are several things you should consider: 

Reasons for Needing a Below Surface Scale

There are many reasons you may need a below surface scale. They are used in various manufacturing processes, particularly in the food and chemical industries. This is how we can weigh large objects safely and determine weights for various reasons.

We offer a variety of below surface scales. The GLP Gas Lift Platform, for example, is designed to be cleaned down often which is important in the food and medical industries as it improves health and safety. When looking for scales that improve the health and safety of your operation, you need to determine if the scales can be adequately cleaned as they will need to be cleaned often, and will have to endure these cleanings with ease.

Micro Weighing Solutions offers a wide selection of scales to meet the needs of our clients. We take our time to fully understand your situation to develop a solution that will fit you the best. Our team of engineers and experts have been designing scales for many years. We understand the different industries that use them and the reasons behind their use. Because of this, we manufacture scales that improve health and safety and the operation of the scale. We take our time to fully understand the environment they will be used in to develop the best solution for our customers.

Give us call or chat to our online service department to discuss you requirements.